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Thank you for visiting the website of Karen Finch Tutoring Services. Located in Meridian, Idaho, minutes from Boise, Idaho, Karen Finch has been helping students excel in many different areas of academics for over 38 years.

As a highly-experienced, qualified and trusted educator, Karen knows the essential building blocks needed for educational success.Read more about Karen Finch and her qualifications and credentials.

Whether you or your student are looking to improve grades and self-esteem in the classroom, or could use some personalized tutoring to stay fresh over the summer breaks, we can provide the one-on-one devoted attention for each student and their individual learning needs.

Reading, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and More.

Teach Proper Phonics, as well as Vocabulary and Spelling Skills.

Preparation for Tests and Other Areas of Extensive Curriculum.

Organization with Excellent Study Skills Along with Confidence and Self-Esteem.
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.......The 6 Proven Benefits of Karen Finch's Tutoring Services
Improves Grades, Overall Confidence and
Helps Focus and Master Organizational Skills
and Strategies to Achieve Success.
Provides a Firm Grasp on Academic Basics.
Advanced Students Remain Challenged and Students with Learning Disabilities Benefit from Focused Attention.
Develops Strong Study Habits and Critical Thinking Skills.
Helps Push Students for Success Later in School and Life.